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Mermade studio 

Mermade Studio combines a modern design aesthetic with techniques that date back centuries, and this, coupled with brand's obvious joie de vive is already connecting with other like-minded lovers of beauty. In the first year of Mermade, it has been featured on The Jungalow, gained a supportive following in the design, maker, and Hollywood and Broadway acting communities, and collaborated with the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver. It is all created by artist Rachel Oliver, who creates fun, free-spirited, elevated home goods and event decor. Rachel's pieces bring the beauty and texture of fiber art and textiles into all parts of life- ranging from jewelry and accessories, wall hangings and plant hangers, home textiles, and large scale commissions for window displays, weddings and events. She currently specializes in macrame, weaving, and shibori dying with natural dyes. She also has experience in sewing, embroidery, and many other artistic mediums, which she plans to bring into the Mermade experience in the future. 

Rachel grew up sketching and sewing, and then went on to earn a Bachelor's of Fine Art from Arizona State University, where she fell in love with weaving and all forms of fiber art. She then went on to work in New York City in the marketing, publishing and fashion industries for 6 years. There she grew in developing her own personal style, and learned the value of being thoughtful and purposeful in creating a brand or product. She believes that a product should not only have high-quality design and craftsmanship, but also have meaning and heart behind it- to lift up others and make the world a more positive and beautiful place! 

Mermade Studio is currently creating a new shiny website, so in the meantime you can connect via Instagram @mermadestudio or Etsy (www.etsy.com/TheMermadeStudio).