BEauty at home 💋

Save the dollars. Save the trip to Sephora. Save the planet.

****** Going to Sephora, for me, is TOO stressful. With my work schedule it seems the only time I have free to go is the busiest time. I walk in and immediately am hit in the face with perfumes and loud music. And the associates who are running around to show the customers the latest $150 eye cream…its all just TOO much.
Most of the time I only go to buy my key brand items. Bobbi Brown makeup. Maybe a YSL lipstick or two. And my skin care stuff. As much as I LOVE Glossier, they don’t yet sell it at Sephora. So I opt for Tarte (Which has a range in vegan skin products which I adore!), Caudalie (A brand I fell in love with in the UK. No vegan range YET, but their products work wonders for my skin) and Kiehl’s.
However…on my last trip I noticed I added a few new babies in the basket. They varied from different brands but I made sure I got a cleanser, moisturizer and an oil. My key three. I was in a hurry and wasn’t exactly thrilled at the total price my products had racked up. As I walked out, I thought about my failed attempt to go zero waste. Random? No. During this time I was semi-forced/inspired to take beauty products into my own hands. I realized that in an effort to reduce my waste and save a buck or two that creating homemade recipes was the cheapest and cleanest option.
I first tried a toothpaste. Which worked fine! But tasted awful…haha. And the second and last attempt I made was a messy ass hair mask that DID soften my hair but it smelled like its ingredients; eggs and honey.
SOOOOOO I did my research. Of course, I’m no makeup professional obviously. If you’re waiting to find a recipe for homemade organic concealer than you’ve wasted your time reading this. I’m starting off slowly with this! But it’s fun! It’s cheap! And trust me, you’ll feel a little better knowing that you tried!



    TO DO:
    Add all of the ingredients in a bowl! Make sure it’s ground cinnamon not cloves (OBVS). Witch hazel alone is great for acne! So is Tea Tree oil! Put the remnants into an old glass container. Make sure it’s concealed and leave in fridge when you’re not using it. :)


    TO DO:
    You have probably ALL heard of this before. Juice the lemons and add the water into a spray bottle. Spray on clean dry hair twice a day daily until you start seeing changes. ALSO! Because lemons can be dehydrating to your scalp, run some coconut oil through your hair before you go to bed:)


    TO DO:
    Add the two ingredients together. When cleansing your face use a warm towel to remove! Your face should feel fresh and moisturized as well! I’d recommend not using this one more than three times a week. But this can also be used on your body! :)


𝕋𝕙𝕖𝕣𝕖 𝕚𝕤 𝕟𝕠 𝔼𝕒𝕣𝕥𝕙 ℕ𝕠. 𝟚. ℝ𝕖𝕤𝕡𝕖𝕔𝕥 𝕄𝕠𝕥𝕙𝕖𝕣 🌏
& other stories.jpg

trade tea towels for your new winter coat 🌍

The shopping bug may have bitten you as chilly season approaches. The desire to buy bulky sweaters and faux leather gloves is certainly hard to resist! I’ve loved & Other Stories for years now! And if you bring in ANY empty beauty packaging, old textiles and clothes (yes this means holy socks) you get a 10% off voucher for the next time you shop with them! I love that this store is doing its best to become 100% climate positive. Some branches in New York are listed below. :)

505 5th Avenue

575 Broadway

185 Greenwich Street


Cold Night? Boil up some Golden Milk

It’s easy.

2 cups unsweetened Almond Milk

2 tbs ground Tumeric

1 tsp cinnamon

Honey/Agave Nectar

Warm up the milk on the stove. Once nice and warm add turmeric and sweetener. The colour should be a nice deep Gold. Pour into mug and add cinnamon on top! Enjoy!



What Is it? How do I start?

It’s okay! I had no idea what they were or what they did either. But continue reading to understand the simplicity of at home composts. I have interviewed three ladies with different experiences to both composts and the lifestyles that come with it.

Me: Thank you ladies so much for answering the following questions! Could you please say if you’re a student and what you are currently studying?
Rene Vanek: I am an Environmental Health major and a Biology minor at East Carolina University, and will be graduating in a matter of weeks! My major has inspired me to not only become more interested in a green lifestyle but to educate others too.

Mckenzie Wilson: Yes, I'm a student. I study Dramatic Art and Communication with a focus in Performance Studies and am getting a minor in Religious Studies at UNC Chapel Hill. My roommate who will help me answer some about our lifestyles is Nicole Affleck who is also a student at UNC studying Environmental Studies with minors in Urban Studies and Planning and Hispanic Studies.

Me: What motivated your interest in Sustainability and Biodiversity? Did you make any immediate changes to your life?
R.V: I have been interested in science since High School. And with learning anything in the world of science, sustainability is a large part of that. It has been more of a gradual interest throughout my academic career.

M.W: The first time I really heard about it was with Al Gore and the George W Bush presidency. I definitely started learning about it as Global Warming than Climate Change which is actually what it is. I didn’t make any immediate changes besides water. The Flint Michigan water crisis has kept up extremely aware; no keeping the water running when brushing teeth or doing the dishes etc.

Me: Do you find this lifestyle difficult?
Nicole Affleck: You’re trying to combat systemic action with individual action. To elaborate, it's important to do as much as I can personally while being aware what larger systems, myself and governments aren't doing. Trying to make up for that inaction when I can is what I'm most passionate about. These are issues and topics that we have to take on for our individual communities and lifestyles. We have to be active in this progress, as individuals.
M.W: It can be, absolutely! Eating healthy and being smart about this kind of stuff can be hard to do with temptation and busy schedules. What’s helpful is to consider how your actions influence the community as a whole - that if everyone just made small contributions when they could, things could improve greatly. It’s a very cleansing way of living - mentally and physically.
R.V: A zero waste life is tricky, and arguably in vain, but small steps aren't meaningless. Reusable ziploc bags and plastic wrap are small things, but can have a big impact, especially on your wallet. Another thing that gets left out of a green lifestyle is what we are pouring down the drains (and slowly into our oceans). That means no microbeads, flushable wipes or laundry detergents high in nitrates and phosphates.
Me: About Compost. Are there any other similar changes people can make that are completely doable and inexpensive? Can you walk those who are unfamiliar with this process and steps with having compost at home? R.V: Composting is so easy and cool! If you have a backyard or even a small outdoor area, it is easy to get one started. While everyone's compost might look different depending on your area, the basics components are fruit/vegetable scraps, soil, and some other organic component from worms to dead leaves.
So lets just assume you have a small backyard. I would take a large metal trash can, dirt, maybe some grass clippings and fill it halfway up, and then add your food scraps to it. Every so often mix it up and you can use that nutrient dense soil for flowers or other plants around the yard. Be aware that composts attracts bugs and even some other animals like possums or raccoons to eat/help process the scraps, most of the time they are beneficial, but do keep an eye out for it. I would highly advise against having an indoor compost...they attract a lot of bugs.
Me: What, in your life personally, continues to aspire you to be 'greener' and aware of your affect on the environment?
N.A: Learn as much as you can about the global situation. Use that to get inspired to do something about it for your smaller community. It's a complex issue but we can all play a significant part.
M.W: We have to think about ourselves in the equation - what can I do for myself everyday? Probably something for better health which, in turn, perpetuates a healthier world!