Outfit of the week


lemonade with lianah 

{From bottom to top; Shoes: Converse, Skirt: Urban Outfitters, Top: Zara, Glasses: Off the streets in Mexico, Backpack: Henschel}

"I love wearing pieces that say something about me. Pieces that I love and are comfortable in." Lianah makes it look easy in her sweet n' casual Summer outfit.  "My mom plays a big part in my fashion inspiration. She used to work at Parachute and was very in that world. And a lot of that has transferred down to me." And you can tell by the way she wears her clothes with quiet confidence. She's a young fashionista ready to conquer the world one All-Star step at a time. "Wear what you wanna wear," Lianah closes out. "Buy something if you love it. Fashion is about knowing you are as a person. Be you."